Touch of Medicine

Evelien De Wit

I was given the name Evelien De Wit when I was born in Ghent, Belgium in the year 1982 AD.
I am here as a human being to be in service and to bring Heaven on Earth.
I carry codes within me of the Essenes; the lineage of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, ancient Egypt, the Pleaidians and plant medicine teachers.

I choose to walk the path of truth.
My passion is to embody the journey of Sacred Union and the Holy Marriage.
As within so without. As above so below.

I travel a lot around the world, remembering and activating ancient wisdom from different nations, cultures and traditions.

In 2009 I started my own business ‘Inticura’ and evolved from a color & style consultant to a health coach and a holistic massage therapist.
In 2019 it was time for another transformation and so ‘Touch of Medicine’ was born.

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