About Me

I was given the name Evelien De Wit when I was born in Ghent, Belgium in the year 1982 AD.
I am here as a human being to be in service and to bring Heaven on Earth.
I carry codes within me of the Essenes; the lineage of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, ancient Egypt, the Pleaidians and plant medicine teachers.

I choose to walk the path of truth.
My passion is to embody the journey of Sacred Union and the Holy Marriage.
As within so without. As above so below.

I travel a lot around the world, remembering and activating ancient wisdom from different nations, cultures and traditions.

In 2009 I started my own business ‘Inticura’ and evolved from a color & style consultant to a health coach and a holistic massage therapist.
In 2019 it was time for another transformation and so ‘Touch of Medicine’ was born.

I love being in ceremony in all kind of ways and Native American ceremonies are touching me the most.
Since 2006 I spend most of my time in sweatlodges and teepees.
These temples of Mother Earth are welcoming me to rejuvenate and to realign myself.
The medicine reminds me to surrender to the Divine Mother and the best possible way to walk in Life.

Tantra teaches me to connect with the wholeness of life and with the ways of high tantric love.
It teaches me to embody my sexuality in a sacred connected way and how the subtle nature of life force energy can sustain and empower life.
It teaches me to understand the relationship between mind and body and to expand my consciousness as well as how to express the masculine and feminine qualities of my soul.

I honor and appreciate every path leading to our Father-Mother God.


  • AgapeBelgium ~ Integral Therapy and Sjamanism ~ 2007-2011
  • De Levensschool ~ Health Coach ~ 2011-2015
  • Sofia Sundari ~ Priestess School ~ Serpent Mystery School
  • Temple of Tantric Arts ~ Tantra massage and other tantra retreats

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