Kali is the expression of the Hindu mother goddess Devi or also called Durga.
She is feared and admired at the same time. It is in fact associated with the opposing forces of destruction-death and creation-liberation. So in fact she is both vicious and mothering. It reminds us of the inevitability of death, which implies acceptance and banishes fear. She is also a goddess of fertility and time, and is the patron who is invoked during disasters and epidemics. As a symbol of nature she represents the cycles of nature and is regarded as a constant creative force, which has the power to take away life but also to generate a new one. As a destructive force, she kills everything that endangers human purity and peace in life and death, such as evil, ignorance, and selfishness.

Kali does not shy away from anything. To fully appreciate life and joy, according to Kali, suffering and death must be faced. Kali is responsible for life from the moment of conception to the moment of death. Herewith she rules over the time and space of the mortal world, but also over the infinity from which no escape is possible. In infinity, death is only a small moment in eternity.

Kali is one of the most powerful goddesses. She makes sure that she achieves her set goal anyway. She fears nothing; no obstacle is avoided. She is the ultimate Goddess who likes to tackle. She is like a wise mother pushing you further out of your comfort zone so that you will reach your highest potential.

If you are not fully empowered today, she can help you. She really cuts away all illusions and takes away all the old ones, you can start with a clean slate.

What do you have to put an end to?
Which illusions do you still hold on to?
What do you need to tidy up?
Where do you finally have to make a decision?

Welcome to this deeply transforming temple evening.

Extra info

  • @ Yogacafe – ‘t Rietveld
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  • From 19u till 22u
    Welcome from 18u45
  • Contribution = 20 euro