Sexual Alchemy & Sacred Union Couples Retreat – Ibiza

Dear Beloved Couples,

You are warmly invited to join us for a profound journey of transformation at our Sexual Alchemy & Sacred Union Couples Retreat in the enchanting island of Ibiza from October 21st to 25th.

Embrace the sacred energy of the magical Goddess Tanit, guardian angel of the island, deeply connected with the Isis lineage and the powerful essence of death and rebirth.
This retreat promises a profound transformation that will leave you and your partner renewed and deeply connected.

This retreat is designed for couples who:

  • Wish to deepen their intimacy within themselves and with each other.
  • Seek to master the art of honoring each other as embodiments of the God and the Goddess.
  • Desire to infuse more sacredness into their relationship and lovemaking.
  • Want to celebrate the sacred union within and without.

Throughout our time together, I will guide you through experiences and practices that facilitate deep healing and transformation. You will learn tools to bring clarity, deepen communication, enhance connection and expand your erotic intimacy.

On the program:

  • Ceremonies at sacred power places like Tanit’s cave and Es Vedra
  • Rituals of purification
  • Rituals of deep healing
  • Teachings in connection, communication and attachment styles
  • Teachings and embodiment practices in Sacred Sexuality and Isis Sex Magic

Nudity may occur in this retreat. It is recommended that you can relax with naked people around you.
Being naked is a choice, but not mandatory.

Join us for a journey that will elevate your relationship to new heights, celebrating the divine union in every aspect.

With love,


Extra info

  • From Monday October 21 to Friday October 25
    Please arrive on Sunday October 20th.
    We start on Monday at 10am and end on Friday around 2pm
  • `Ibiza – Miracle Mountain
    San Vicente
  • Participation price includes:
    The entire program
    Accommodation from Sunday October 20 to Friday October 25 (5 nights)
    3 meals a day from Monday to Friday, vegan and gluten-free by Soulfood by Zuzanna
  • Participation price does not include flights and transfers to/from the airport
  • The accommodation is very basic and is located off grid in beautiful, quiet and unspoilt nature
  • The rooms are double rooms with shared bathroom
  • Early bird promotion until August 31 = 2900 euros per couple
    Normal price = 3300 euros per couple
  • There is availability for a maximum of 4 couples
  • This couples retreat is inclusive and welcoming to all genders and s.exual orientations.
  • Reach out for a free online call to see if this transformative week could be a valuable addition to your relationship
  • Please register with an application form stating why you wish to participate in this retreat
  • Your place is confirmed after transferring the deposit of 1000 euros.
    The deposit is non-refundable whatever the reason.
    I am financially responsible for the organization of this retreat, please respect this.
  • It is possible to pay in different installments, please reach out for this