Heart Warrior Activation

Dear beautiful brother,

Welcome to a three day experience about brotherhood, sacred warriorship, intimacy and sexuality.

A weekend for men:

πŸ”₯ Who have the desire to learn and discover more about their masculine and feminine energies

πŸ”₯ Who wish to activate and embody the fire in their hearts and cock

πŸ”₯ Who wish to gain access to their own deep primal energy and are willing to give space to it

πŸ”₯ Who want to feel deeply rooted in themselves and wish to discover the source of inner strength

πŸ”₯ Who want to strengthen the self-confidence in themselves and feel themselves centered in their masculine power

πŸ”₯ Who want to know the power of their own cock

πŸ”₯ Who fancy spending a weekend together with brothers (and a female co-leader πŸ˜‰)

πŸ”₯ Who are ready to be deeply transformed by the fire and its ceremonies

This is a weekend co-led by Kurt Defour of the Boom Circle in Oekene.
Kurt is 50 years old, married and has three children. After 15 years of running their own restaurant as a chef, he has made a complete turnaround in his life. That was the start to look at himself differently.
After a lot of body work, shadow work and a 4-year training in experiential psychotherapy and shamanism, the fire quickly came his way.
He became a firekeeper and a little later he became a firewalk instructor.
By attending many ceremonies, receiving many teachings from North American natives and people who pass on their stories, he is the man he is today.
His feeling is more sensitive, his love becomes stronger and his mission becomes clearer.
From there he has the desire to inspire and give people a boost in terms of relationships, harmony between femininity and masculinity, creation, perseverance and living in unconditional love.

During the weekend there will also be moments where only the men will be together under the guidance of Kurt.

We are both very excited about it!!
Welcome πŸ’—

Extra info

  • Friday 17th till Sunday 19th September
    We start Friday at 10h30 and will end on Sunday around 17h
  • De Boomcirkel te Oekene
  • 333 euro all-in
    Programm + accommodation (bring your own tent or sleep on a mattress in the workshop space) + meals

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