Lingam Massage

Dear beautiful being,

Are you curious about those male genitals?
Do you want to learn more as a woman how to worship a lingam (Sanskrit for penis)?
As a man, do you want to learn more how to connect with your own lingam, honor it and love it more?
Do you want to gain more confidence when touching and massaging a lingam or your own lingam?

Welcome to the Temple of Devotion ✨😍

In this online workshop we will come together with sisters and brothers and devote our time to worshiping Shiva – The Divine Masculine – the lingam βœ¨πŸ†

You will learn more about the male anatomy and understand more about male pleasure and orgasms.
You will receive a number of lingam massage tools and techniques to feel more confident in the bedroom as a woman and to be able to practice this with yourself as a man.
There will also be teachings on Sacred & Present touch, transfiguration and consecration.
This is the art of looking beyond the physical appearance and meeting the Divine.
Meeting the lingam as a Pillar of Light.


Men and women are welcome!

I look forward to meeting you in the Temple!

With love,



Extra info

  • Thursday 9th september from 18h30 till approx. 21h30 CET
  • Online via Zoom
  • Participation = 33 euro

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