Mary Magdalene Honoring Day

Dear beautiful soul,

We warmly invite you to join us in honoring the feast day of Mary Magdalene on Monday, July 22 in Ghent.

Mary Magdalene was the companion of Jesus and was the last great high priestess on earth.

She is the guardian of the Holy Grail and through her energy we can receive the blessing of the Divine Mother and enter the mysteries of the sacred temples of the priestesses.

Mary Magdalene represents the woman of the new age, the new earth. She creates a new reality from the space of love, in harmony with her feelings, nature, the spiritual, light-filled world and the divine plan. She leads humanity to enlightenment, to a higher divine consciousness – the Christ consciousness.

On this special day the rose energy will take center stage and we will hold rituals to honor the earth and water and connect ourselves to our Divine feminine energy.

This day is a co-creation of Evelien De Wit and Eva De Kerf.

We gather at Parkhotel in Ghent and go from there to a park for our rituals and activities.

After a light lunch at Parkhotel we will take you on a walk through the city to the cathedral where you will receive a Mary Magdalene blessing.

The cathedral in Ghent, known for the Ghent Altarpiece that contains the prophecy of the New Earth, is an important place of power in the Rose Lineage.

We look forward to welcoming you on this special day of connection and honoring.

With love,

Evelien & Eva


Extra info

  • Monday 22 July
  • From 10:30 till approx. 17h.
  • For men & women
  • Dresscode
    Come in white or red.
  • Participation
    88 euro including the program, a light lunch, water and tea
  • Limited places!