Yoni Temple

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for vagina or Holy Temple.

In this four-week workshop we will make a magical inner journey together to your most feminine essence, your yoni ✨🌹

Most women among us have grown up that a vagina is dirty, ugly or dangerous.
Or that we should be ashamed when we gave her attention, for example by looking at her or touching her.
Or that we weren’t supposed to have fun there.
For example, many have learned to be afraid of their own gender or worse, to ignore it.
And so it is that many women have come to see the yoni as a purely sexual object and they have become increasingly alienated from the inner contact with their own yoni.

In these four weeks we are going to have a reprogramming happen.
We are going to revalue the yoni, we are going to get to know her, honor her, recognize her, celebrate and love her.
We are going to reclaim the yoni as the gate to the Goddess and the mystery of Life ✨

The more your yoni is integrated into yourself, the more grounded, vital and powerful you will feel in yourself.
Your sexual energy aka life force will become more tangible so that your creativity will blossom more and you will attract many more things that are in full alignment for you in that moment.
Therefore, in ancient times and priestess temples, much attention and care was given to the health and healing of the yoni.

Are you ready for this deeply healing and transformative inner journey? 🔥

We are going to do various exercises and rituals that you can practice in a safe space.

What’s on the program:

  • Connecting and resting with other sisters
  • Anatomy of the yoni
  • Anatomy of the Female Orgasm
  • Getting to know your own yoni
  • Kali Tempel
    A ritual where we will purify our yoni from old partners or anyone who has entered with or without consent
    A yoni steam ritual where we will purify our yoni: from negative energy, from everything that no longer serves us and that is no longer in alignment with the highest good of your yoni
  • A theoretical lesson on how to give yourself a yoni massage by means of different techniques
  • A self pleasure ritual
  • Celebration of our gorgeous delicious body

Extra info

  • Wednesday 26 January
    Monday 31 January
    Friday 4 February
    Tuesday 8 February
    From 18h till 21h30
  • In Ibiza
    @Healing Mountain at Cala San Vicente
  • In English
  • Participation = 133 euro