Sacred Rose Temple

Dear beautiful woman,

Welcome to the Temple of the Rose.

During this week you are welcome to immerse yourself in the energy of the Divine Feminine.

Ibiza is an island and a multi-dimensional portal deeply connected to the lineage of Isis.
Tanit is the Goddess and guardian angel of Ibiza and mainly represents the empowerment of the Feminine Divine.

A few years ago, this magical island helped me to fully plug into my soul mission, to activate my inner dragon power and to send myself forward in the gift and medicine that I am here to share on this planet.

I warmly invite you to embark on your own unique journey into the mystery of this Goddess.

It will be a magical week in which you will receive the blessings of this island.
As well as the medicine of the Temple flowing through me.
A combination of shamanic rituals and ceremonies & sacred priestess temple practices.

A week of deep transformation and expansion of consciousness.

We will connect with powerful and beautiful feminine ascended Masters and Goddesses such as Mary Magdalene, Isis, Hathor, Mother Mary, Ishtar, Maat, Kali and Sekhmet.
We invoke their energy and embody their essence from our deepest selves.

Expect a journey from your earth to heaven and from heaven into your earth.
We welcome everything: light and shadow, body and soul, the entire spectrum of emotions and every part of yourself.

Together with a wonderfully safe circle of sisters, we will bathe in the field of softness and relaxation as well as venture into the field of raw, pure primal power.

Welcome to let go, to relax, to heal, to nourish you, to recharge you, to activate you, to have fun, to enjoy and to remember who you really are.
In your true pure nature.

The Sacred Rose Temple is for women who want:

✨To receive initiations into deeper self-love and self-security.
✨Who want to learn how to hold themselves in all their inner parts, emotions, how to balance themselves and how to ground themselves deeply home within.
✨Who want to connect more intimately with their own body and soul.
✨Who want to receive soul activations and learn more how they can connect with their inner divine source energy.
✨Who want to liberate themselves from shame, fear, guilt and have more confidence in their own inner strength, power and soul purpose.
✨Who want to feel more aliveness in their life force energy aka s.exual energy.

This is on the program:

🌹Deep sisterhood connection & nourishment
🌹Sharing circles
🌹Conscious (self) touch & intimacy
🌹Priestess rituals & activations
🌹Rose Womb Healing
🌹Sacred Yoni Steam
🌹Rituals of Self Love & Self Pleasure
🌹Embodiment of the Dark Feminine
🌹Kali ceremony
🌹Emotional release
🌹Embracing the inner child
🌹1st May Beltane Celebration en 5-5 (5 May) portal magic
🌹Receiving codes of Sacred Union
🌹Cocoa ceremony
🌹Sensual dance
🌹Tantric Sex Activation practices
🌹Dancing naked under the stars
🌹Nature experience & Silence Walk

Nudity can occur in this program. It is recommended that you can relax with naked people around you.
Being naked is a choice, but not mandatory.

I am looking forward to meet you in the Temple!

With love,

Evelien Amelia


Extra info

  • For women and transgender
  • April 29 – May 6, 2024
    We start on Monday, April 29 at 2 p.m. and end on Monday, May 6 around 12 p.m
  • Location
    Healing Mountain – San Vicente – Ibiza
  • Participation price includes program, accommodation and gluten-free vegan meals.
    Excluding flights and transfers to/from the airport.
  • The accommodation is very basic and is located off grid in beautiful and quiet nature close to Tanit’s cave.
  • The rooms consist of two or three beds with shared bathroom.
    A supplement applies if you want a single place to sleep, reach out for this.
    EARLY ROSE = 1700 euros until 3-3 (March 3)
    BLOSSOMING ROSE = 1850 euros
  • With the added BONUS of an online 1-1 integration coaching session of 60′
  • Your place is confirmed after transferring 700 euros.
    The deposit is non-refundable.
    I am financially responsible for the retreat, so I ask that you respect that I cannot make an exception to this agreement.
  • Maximum 13 participants
  • The guidance is in English or in Dutch if there are only Dutch-speaking participants
  • Reach out for a free 15′ call to check in if this could be something for you.
  • It is possible to pay in different installments, please reach out for this

The retreat that took my life to the next level.
I feel so much gratitude for what this retreat brought me during and after. Nice and deep connections, magical places, delicious and healthy food, deep transformation and this under the beautiful guidance of Evelien .
I’ve been back for a few weeks now and can say that my life already looks completely different… it flows… both privately and professionally, great opportunities and people come my way… and my heart is completely open.
So if you feel that calling…just do it! Yes you can!

Sparkling, effervescent, living, free soul,

Wow, what a diamond of a trip you have gifted us. A journey in so many different ways. Far and close. High and low. Deep and exuberant. Silent and explosive.
So many thanks for the many invitations, experiences and inspiration.
Last someone said “We don’t think in new ways of doing things. We engage ourselves in new ways of thinking;”
Welllll…. :-) YesI That!
Thanks for that. To share your own experience with us. As well as your deep wisdom. Thank you for getting to know and remembering me even more pieces of myself.

Deep bow and a slap on the poop.

Wooohla, what a week I have received and how I could dare to enjoy this to the fullest.
Together with a nice like-minded group we went on this adventure at a beautiful location in the middle of nature on the magical island of Ibiza.
I was allowed and could be myself completely, vulnerable, free, open, naked… what a liberation, free from all limited beliefs, taboos and shame and a certain fear of sexuality, intimacy and sensuality that I had accumulated all these years to put this on to be able to experience a more loving, pleasant way for me, a way that works for me.
Every day was exciting and relaxing at the same time.
We have received so much, healing ceremonies and many other nice moments together. Together we dived into the depths of our pure being.
The trips were also incredibly powerful, like Es Vedra, such wonderful heart energy, that something awakens deep inside you.
Evelien, I am so very grateful to you for this amazing, intense, profound and fantastic week we shared together, I love you soulsister.
You were born to guide people, both men and women, on this beautiful path.

What a wonderful retreat, with the sparkling guidance and power of Evelien as a guideline.

Add to that the beautiful nature, Zuzannah’s delicious vegan food and the inspiration in the program and you feel, I’m going deeper this week.

The program was a nice combination of exercises with the group, the walks through the forest to the sea, a special cave and a magical mountain. Nature carried me with her greatness and Evelien provided a deep bed of trust, of freedom with liberating ceremonies, so that I could let go of my old patterns.

Therefore I was allowed to look fully at my shadow sides with all raw, uncomfortable emotions, thoughts and feelings.

Everything added something, the connecting women’s ceremony, the breathing session, the evening by the fire, the sweat lodge and certainly also the ceremonies in nature made a deep impression on me.

Along with a beautiful group, I stopped accepting my ego’s tricks to fit in. I felt my own heartbeat, my authenticity, the love for myself. On a heart and soul level I felt every inch of energy frequencies in my body and came home to myself. Thank you dear Evelien, you are great!

A week after returning I ended up in a kind of shit storm that I really wouldn’t have been able to handle without the retreat. The timing of this inevitable, unfortunate event couldn’t have been better.

There are actually too few words to describe the impact the retreat had on me… the confrontation with myself was hard, but I got a lot in return.

I really rediscovered myself and got a glimpse of who I could be if I were to be genuinely vulnerable, if I let myself be surrounded by people who have the same values and who dare/want to be vulnerable themselves. That feeling of really living instead of surviving, the connection with my body, I don’t want to let go of that anymore.