Sacred Union within; for women

Masculine and feminine energy exists in all of us.
Each of us has an inner man who stands for dynamic, active energy and for creating and achieving goals.
Each of us also has an inner woman within us who stands for the natural flow of things and life, the intuitive and receptive self.

We have often been raised up with a one-sided approach to what we have learned and call masculine and feminine.
In this weekend you will learn to free yourself from these stereotyped roles and conditioned patterns around these themes.
You also learn to know and accept the masculine and feminine qualities of your personality.

Women can benefit if they develop their opposite pole.
To integrate her inner man she can practice in her masculine qualities such as presence, assertiveness, ambition and intellect.
A greater consciousness is created when both inner poles are integrated.

If both energies are understood and developed, both poles can be united within one person.
That is what is called ‘ecstatic consciousness’ in tantra. It is a state of consciousness that encompasses both sexes in one body and then rises above inner duality to a state of oneness.
The true nature of our consciousness is androgynous, with a masculine and feminine pole, but also rises in the same time above this.

Different practices will be offered to experience yourself in both poles.
As well bodywork, meditation, rituals and ceremony will be part of the programm.
Saturday we’ll go into the sweatlodge, an ideal temple space to initiate yourself in yoni and womb consciousness.

Practical info

  • New dates to be released

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