Online Sacred Yoni Steam

Beautiful Goddess,

Welcome to join this online ritual to activate your feminine power with a Sacred Yoni Steam 😍🌹

It’s a ritual where a woman squats or sits over a bowl steaming water containing herbs to open and soften our Sacred Portal.

It’s an ancient tradition that many women of different cultures have been passing down to energetically, emotionally and physically cleanse and nourish their yoni and awaken their Feminine Essence.

A Yoni Steam supports your feminine health. It effectively cleanses, supports and revitalizes the feminine center offering countless benefits from reducing menstruation symptoms to restoring bacterial and PH balance and detoxifying the womb, body and mind.

It’s not recommended to do it when you are menstruating, you are pregnant or want to get pregnant and you are in ovulation time, when you are having an active infection in or around your yoni.

After signing up you wil receive information how to do the yoni steam, what you need for that, what herbs you can buy, etc…

We will have a meditation during our steam together, connecting our wombs and hearts with the earth and the cosmos and each other ✨

Soooo looking forward to meet you!! 👑

Extra info

  • Tuesday 20 April start at 7.30 pm CET
  • Online on zoom
  • Exchange = 11 euro

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