Sacred Yoni & Lingam Activation

This massage is an extension of the ‘Sacred Soul & Body work’ which includes massage of the intimate body parts.

This kind of massage is not about sex and is not an erotic massage where the aim is to be sexually aroused and to have a ‘Happy ending’.

This healing & activation session brings more awareness into the deeper layers of yourself, your totality and your authentic truth.
It is a sensual massage that brings you into contact with your sexual energy, which also represents your life energy.
This is spread all over your body so that old experiences, memories, traumas or blockages can be released and healed.
Especially the genitals can store a lot of suppressed shame and pain.

This session is for you:

  • If you have a clear intention on what you would like to work on
  • If you choose to make a deep inner journey
  • If you are open to meet ALL of you: shadow and light, and learn to embrace yourself in what is present
  • If you choose to take 100% responsibility for creating your own life

This session is not for you:

  • If you are looking for a passive massage experience (the relaxation massage is a better match for that)
  • If you are looking for a superficial erotic experience

Extra info

  • This session can only be booked if you have had a session with me before.
  • If it is your first time working with me, you can first register for a Sacred Soul & Bodywork session or an online coaching session.
  • Your boundaries are respected at all times and only that takes place which is mutually discussed and agreed
  • My boundary is that I keep my top and sarong on and I don’t go into sexual intercourse with you
  • 3 uren = 330 euro
    3,5 uren = 385 euro
    4 uren = 440 euro
  • Online session 90′ + live session (3 to 4 hours) = 485 euro

‘The tantric massages given by Evelien are an absolute must. With her touch, Evelien knows how to set your soul and soul desires in motion. She is very respectful and her soft and holding presence helped me to open layer by layer for a deep sensual and intimate enjoyment. It was healing for me to feel blockages melting away and rediscovering that sexual energy is so connected to the source from which we all come. I felt myself so coming home … This is so wonderfully beautiful and delicious! ‘

Yesterday I had a massage from Evelien and it was an amazing experience, it supposed to be focused on a lingam tantric one but it was much more than that. From the begining I felt safe and confidence and it stayed like that all the session. Very transforming, very cathartic. She helped to trigger my deeper stagnant emotions and let them flow from the base Up and down creating a Unity , mixing and healing letting me express freely my pains and yearnings. Thank you so much Evelien to bring your self to joining me in this journey. This will go with me to eternity.

I had an intense experience with Evelien’s tantric massage. An experience that me made me feel alive, fulfilled, present while the sexual energy was circulating in all parts of my body. It was the most complete massage I could receive. I am extremely grateful.

I received my first ever Yoni massage from Evelien and what a beautiful experience it was.
I had been interested for a while to go deeper with Tantra and my connection to my womb and yoni having been on a big healing journey with my Sacred Feminine.
It was a very honouring Ceremony.
I felt totally relaxed and at ease in Evelien’s gentle presence, yet knowing that she knows intuitively how to work with energy.
We spoke about my intentions before the session, this in itself is so healing, to be able to speak our truth in a held space.
The massage was a very sensual, yet non sexual experience. We communicated throughout and I felt safe and nurtured.
Towards the end I felt like I had left my body and was journeying into Heaven, expanding my consciousness far and wide.
When I came back round and into my body I felt a beautiful tenderness and had a few tears.
I felt this healing very deeply, shifting of old energies and memories whilst strengthening connection to self. I had some big integration time and rested for the rest of the day, glad this was what was recommended to me.
Thank you so much Evelien, it was such a heart opening healing experience.

I had the most incredible yoni massage with Evelien.
She creates a really safe place for me to go deep into a process. I felt so supported the entire way through.
Starting with a meditation ad sage clearing I feel really helps to create this beautiful space.
You don’t feel rushed to allow you to open up as when you are ready to.
You can see that she doesn’t have a “formula” to her work, she listens to your body and what it needs. I am so grateful for her sharing her gifts with me and I am excited to have another session with her in the future.

I received a yoni massage with Evelien and I fully recommend it.
There has to be certain circumstances to surrender to the experience of receiving a yoni massage and Evelien provided them all.
She was able to create a safe space in a very natural and simple way, she was present there with me and she was very loving and soft. I found her touch was angelical, very soft and delicate. She had all the ingredients so I could relax and enjoy. And so I did.
I could go deep and discover things about me that I wasn’t realizing.
Thanks Evelien for sharing your love with me.

Being a woman and an Indian woman at that, I have always associated with my yoni either as a functional part or as a pleasure more so when it came to ‘giving’ it to the men in my life. There was a constant disconnect to it and whatever was left was ‘shame’. The shame of seeking pleasure, the shame of even looking at it, forget even touching it. When Evelien, my healer came forward with a tantric massage, I was in conflict. Do I or don’t I? What is this? Will it be painful? Can I open up at all? But I am glad I listened to my instincts and dived right into it  trusting her wholly.

Evelien took me through a whole journey of my Yoni, and myself which I never looked at. She gently told me that I could express whatever I felt at that time. And I did. Slowly as she went through the depths, I could feel ‘pain points’ the points of forceful penetration I experienced in my past. I broke down in tears and she gently told me to breathe and let go. I felt the release, the connection, the sacred connection of the yoni to the heart centre. Throughout Evelien guided me, releasing me from the trauma and pain of the past and to let positive energies in. She made me realise how much everything is connected within us. Her energy was soothing, gentle and like a warrior at the same time urging me to let go and bring in the new. The art of pleasure is sacred and my shame no longer existed. I am so thankful that I got the opportunity to get healed by Evelien. And the only way now for me is to move forward, be connected to my yoni, my womb and proudly embrace the womanhood in me. Thank you so much Evelien for this journey.

Lots of Love

Her tantric massage was a wonderful experience. She introduced me into an unknown perception and handling of my male sexual energy. So soft, guiding and healing. She has the ability to feel exactly what is needed to learn how to deal with emotions, feelings, power und blockings.
If you are looking for somebody you can trust, Evelien is THE ADRESS !!!!!

My tantra massage experience with Evelien was transcendent. Her soft open energy is a container in itself besides her incredible skills and depth of expression. I was held in a sacred and safe cocoon in which my body could flower open. As a person who is very sensitive to aspects of safety, boundaries and physical touch, this experience with Evelien validated me at a deep, embodied level. My body can accept, receive and enjoy pleasure. My body can clearly communicate its yeses and nos. Thank you Evelien

Evelien started with asking for my intention and that process helped in clarifying the objective for the session. My intent was to channelize my creative sensual energy (activated quite intensely by my new love in life). Being newly in love and yet far away from my sweetheart was both difficult yet quite enriching in more ways than one. Evelien suggested that we could use this energy to spread all over the body rather that it being only felt and concentrated in the root and sacral region. We had an open conversation about the boundaries and I quite liked the way she clarified those. What followed later was quite amazing. I have received as well given such sessions in the past yet I was quite moved by her own unique way which she used. It was not just a feel good and sensual body experience. She also helped release stored pain in the sacral regions I didn’t even know existed. It was like an acute pain at certain points that she pressed with complete awareness as well as a gentle warning “this might hurt a little” and guided me to move it using my breath. I followed her instructions and after the initial pain it was like a burst of energy that surged through my whole body. It was as if every cell in my body went into an intense celebration mode and my whole body vibrated a little while. Waves of bliss flowed through right up my spine and the face of my beloved filled my consciousness. She held me quite gently through the process. And bliss waves continued during the day. She also guided me through the micro orgasmic breathing exercise which helped me stay fully aware and centered yet allowing my whole energy to flow seamlessly through my whole body. When we ended my body was pulsating with pure loving and moving energy and vibrations all over. I also liked how professionally she sets up the session and follows through with it with utmost precision and also her full presence as a Tantrika.