Sweatlodge ceremony

The sweat lodge is a purification ceremony on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.
It is made dome-shaped from willow branches and covered with blankets.
She is also called the womb of Mother Earth.

When entering the sweat lodge you leave everything behind what no longer serves you or what no longer belongs to you; conditionings, fear, shame, guilt, etc …
By uniting the water (feminine) with the warm stones (masculine), steam is created (new life).
The touch of the steam invites you to melt your armor and to open your heart.

Everyone is welcome to be who he/she is in the moment.
In the sweat lodge we are brothers and sisters who reconnect with the source of Life.
The source where we all come from and where we are all one.
In the sweat lodge we reconnect with nature (water, earth, fire and air), there is room for prayer, singing and sharing.

When you leave the sweat lodge you are reborn.
With a purified energy field and an open heart you can once again experience and explore the beauty of life more intensively.
Your life force energy and joy of life has been strengthened again.

The sweat lodge has 4 rounds with each a specific theme.

Extra info

  • At the moment I don’t have a fixed sweatlodge place
  • Please connect with me if you want to organize a ceremony for yourself or if you want to invite me to your place

It was a great pleasure for me to spend one week together with Evelien and her friends.
We did two sweatlodges and she created a very energetic atmosphere by her feminine power. I was so positive surprised in wich smooth way she brought us through four rounds of discovering and healing, getting deep in personal processes and also bringing us back into the presence. It was a feeling of professional and safe guidence for all of us. Many many thanks!!!!!!


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