Touch of Medicine massage

I perceive myself as a Divine being incarnated in a human form to have certain experiences on this planet Earth.
I perceive you the same way.

We all walk our own unique path and I am here to walk with you.
I see you as an equal being who is commited remembering the wholeness within yourself, to unleash your full potential and to fully enjoy life.

If you choose to work with me you choose to dive in a deep inner journey.
You choose to meet ALL of you; shadow and light and you learn to embrace yourself in what is present.
You choose to take full responsability for the creation of your own life.
You choose to be touched by the medicine, love and life force energy that flows through me.

A session is your unique experience in the moment and can exist of:

* Different kind of massage techniques;
relaxation, deep tissue, triggerpoints, meridian points, intuitive holistic and tantra.
* Embodiment practices such as dancing, breathing and tantric exercises.
* Sharing and reflection
* Silence
* A channeling of light language or songs
* The use of crystals, instruments and my voice

In this sessions massage of the genitals are not included.

Extra info

  • The minimum duration of a session is 90′.
    This includes intake, session and completion.
  • Price = 150 euro for 1,5 h
    185 euro for 2h

Over the last few years of relaxation massages with Evelien, the stresses of life faded away with each session.
Evelien always asked if I had any areas that needed work, but I always had the feeling that she was just sensed where and what I needed. There’s a certain aura about her.

The Touch of Medicine massage took my mind and body to a completely new level. Evelien’s use of gentle touch then varying degrees of pressure, sound and song allowed me to let go and just live within the experience.
Thoughts evolved into a meditative state as both my mind and body entered a different space.
At the end of the massage, I slowly returned to life as if awakening from a dream.

I experienced the Touch of Medicine massage done by Evelien. This has been one of the most soft and relaxing experience I did. Loving massages I have been positively surprised by the depth Evelien can give to such an experience. Working on the physical body, but also on the mental and energetical body, the Touch of Medicine has been to me a real gift. Evelien is a soft, respectful and talented woman who uses several gifts as her hands, her voice and her capacity to be fully present to help on a holistic point of view to improve the well being. Thank you Evelien for this beautiful moment.