Yoni & Lingam massage for couples

Dear beautiful being,

Do you have the longing to experience deeper layers of sexuality and intimacy with your partner?
Do you have the longing to learn more about the Yoni & the Lingam?
Or are you single and do you want to dive deeper into this matter with a friend?

Welcome to the Temple of Devotion ✨😍

In this two day workshop we will get together with couples and devote our time to worshiping Shiva – The Divine Masculine – the lingam ✨🍆  and of Shakti – The Divine Feminine – the yoni ✨🌹

You will learn more about male and female anatomy and understand more about the difference between the male and female experience of pleasure and orgasm.
There will also be teachings on Sacred & Present Touch, transfiguration and consecration.
This is the art of conscious touching and of looking beyond the physical appearance and encountering the Divine.
Meeting the lingam as a Pillar of Light and the yoni as the Temple and entrance to the Mystery of Life.


Day 1:
– How to create a Sacred space as a couple
– Tantric meditation as access to a deeper connection with your partner
– Communication tools and more explanation about the themes of boundaries/consent
– Sacred and Present Touch
– Different types of massage techniques
– Explanation about anatomy of the yoni & lingam
– Explanation about experiencing different types of orgasms

Day 2:
– Yoni & Lingam massage
– Techniques and practicing together

I look forward to meeting you in the Temple!

With love,



Extra info

  • Saturday 23th and sunday 24th October from 10h30 until approx. 19h
  • In Ghent
  • Not residential and bring your own lunch
  • Participation = 195 euro/pp

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