Yoni Massage

Dear sister,

Are you curious about your female genitals?
Would you like to learn more about how to honor, accept and love your yoni (Sanskrit for vagina)?
Do you want to gain more confidence in experiencing your sensuality and sexuality?

Welcome to the Temple of Devotion ✨😍

In this workshop we will gather with sisters and dedicate our time to worship Shakti – The Divine Feminine.
The yoni as the entrance to your Holy Temple ✨🌹

You will learn more about female anatomy and understand more about female pleasure and orgasm.
You will also receive some tools and techniques to experience a yonimassage on yourself.

There will also be teachings on Sacred & Present Touch, transfiguration and consecration.
This is the art of consciously touching, to see beyond the physical appearance and encounter the Divine.
Meeting the yoni as the Temple and entrance to the Mystery of Life.


This workshop consists of two parts.
In the first part we come together physically to connect with each other and receive the teachings.
In the second part we get back together online via Zoom to connect again and to go to the practical part of the yoni massage.
This way you have the privacy and security of your own space to practice on yourself under my guidance.

I look forward to meeting you in the Temple!

With love,



Extra info

  • Tuesday 24 July from 14h30 until approx. 19h30
  • In yogacafé ‘t Rietveld – Destelbergen
  • Tuesday 31 July online via Zoom from 18h30 until approx. 21h30 (replay will be available)
  • Limited places!
  • Participation = 95 euro

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