Youth Holiday

Dear parents and youngsters,

At your request, Evelien De Wit & Eva Demaret organize their first youth holiday with great enthusiasm!

It feels right.
The time is ripe for it.
And we are very much looking forward to it!

We see that this age group craves more conscious information around sexuality and that they need a place where they can connect with like-minded people.

So hey beautiful young human being,

Do you want to dive into a five-day retreat?
Do you want to experience what it’s like to gain conscious body experiences?
To play and explore with each other in a safe setting?

We offer you a safe and discreet environment where you can take the space to express your free authentic expression.

You are completely welcome in who you are.

This five-day holiday is here for you!
A journey of self discovery, self acceptance and self exploration.

Feel welcome to surf the gentle, warm, playful and light waves of life.

Discover what’s on the program below:

  • Concepts such as boundary and mutual consent
  • Communication tools
  • Connecting to inner needs, fears and desires
  • Explanation about sexual health
  • Conscious information about the female and male genitals
  • Sharing circles in subjects and themes that interest you
  • Conscious (self) touch & intimacy
  • Sensual Exploring Dance
  • Moments of meditation
  • Body paint
  • Intuitive painting
  • Contact Improvisation
  • Cacao ceremony
  • A surprise party on the last evening
  • Campfire moments
  • Nature experience
  • Sauna

A daily schedule can look like this:
Breakfast at 9am
Morning session from 10am to 1pm
Lunch at 1 pm
Free time from 2 pm to 4 pm
Afternoon session from 4pm to 6pm
Supper at 6 pm
Evening session from 8 pm to 10 pm

Do you have questions about these terms, are words or terms unclear? Feel free to reach out to one of us and ask all your questions via email.

In all the exercises and rituals provided there will be no sexual interaction with others.

Nudity may occur in this workshop. It is recommended that you can relax with naked people around you.
Being naked during exercises is optional, but not mandatory.
We attach great importance to safety and discretion.

This holiday is organized in co-creation with Eva Demaret.

Eva Demaret, 43 years old, is a conscious, loving, single mother of three lovely daughters, Alexis 19 years old, Marilou 9 years old and Elvive 7 years old.

She is the founder of Dance and Play Garden, Magic Touch and Let’s talk about sex.

From an early age she has been fascinated by all kinds of dance, music and art forms.
After several satisfactory courses, for which her interests fell, she still came to a great loss in her life:

Self love!

In everything she did, kindness to herself was lacking. After two inspiring, instructive relationships with her children’s dads, she has been searching for her true self for a long time.

She encountered men and women in her life who taught her the way of Tantra. A puzzle fell apart when participating in retreats, among others. Temple of Tantric Arts, where the full focus was on self-development and Tantra. She now applies the all-encompassing vision of Tantra, as best she can, in her daily life.

Tantra is a rich philosophy of life originating from Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. Through exercises one goes to the inner desire, looking for meaning and a deep connection with oneself and others.

She feels it is her calling to further discover how she can deeply inspire women and men, on their way to their soul being, much deeper and beyond their physical form.

We’re excited to meet you,

With lots of love,

Evelien and Eva

Extra info

  • For who?
    Young people aged 16 -21 years. Boys, girls, non-binary, transgender. Also welcome to your unique sexual orientation.
    Limited number of places!
    Maximum 15 participants.
  • When?
    Summer 2024 (you can already show your interest)
  • Where?
    Vlierhof in Kleef (border with NL and Germany), 2 hours by car from Antwerp. We can provide a carpool system.
    There is also the possibility to travel there by train (Nijmegen).
  • Price?
    Early Bird = 625 euros
    Normal Bird = 650 euros

    Signing up with two = 620 euros/pp
    Signing up with three or more = 615 euros/pp

Including accommodation in a tent, 3 vegetarian meals per day (starting from Monday evening to Friday afternoon), program.
If you wish to sleep inside in a room, there is a supplement of 120 euros.

Sign up, questions or comments:
via Evelien De Wit – or +32473935560

Or via Eva Demaret – or +32477398951